Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In His Hands. . .

This post is being written by Lisa Eggebrecht on behalf of Linda...
After struggling to swallow and keep down fluids October 14th John was admitted to the hospital. Tests determined that John had a hole in his esophagus. On Sunday, October 17th, the GI specialist was able to place a stint over the hole. Sunday evening was the first time in a while that John was able to swallow and keep down fluids.
On Monday, October 18th, during his dialysis treatment John developed sudden complications that could not be overcome. Surrounded by his family and close friends, John stepped off this earth and into the arms of his Heavenly Father.
As you know this fight has been long and hard. I have never known a man who was as strong and courageous as John. Never have I seen a man meet such enormous challenges with such dignity and grace. But it was not just because of who he was but because of who he was in Jesus Christ. And while we are all heart broken, there is a sense of peace knowing that John is in Heaven with no pain, no sorrow and no more limitations. He made an impact on so many of us and will be greatly missed.
Please join us on Thursday, October 21st as we celebrate who John was and what he meant to each of us. And, most importantly, come help us celebrate his eternal life that began that day.
The Refinery Christian Church
600 N Bullard Ave #A10
Goodyear, AZ 85338
Thursday, October 21st, 2010
4pm - 7pm - The Viewing\Visitation
7pm - 8pm - Memorial Service
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Monday, October 11, 2010

To Jerome or Bust!

We had such a great time on our trip to Sedona that we decided that we would try and get out more often. We decided to take a day trip to Jerome the following Saturday. John got to feeling a little rough so it wasn't quite as enjoyable as Sedona. Also, the road was so windy that it was difficult to navigate. Still, all-in-all, we built a memory.
Daddy and Daughter! That is a beautful sight!
I really did take this picture :)

Not the best picture, but the food was amazing! We ate at Quinces - very yummy!

We are trying to collect something from every trip we go on. We found this at a Christmas store they are... so cute! One for John, Alaina and me!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Trip to Remember

We had an amazing time on our weekend trip to Sedona! We are so thankful for those of you who were able to come out and spend some time with us! Thank God John was feeling great that weekend so it was even more special! It was also a little pre-anniversary party too!

We stayed at L'Auberge of Sedona. The location is beautiful and the weather was fantastic!

When we first got there several people came over and hung with us at at our cottage. Then we headed over to eat at Olde Sedona Bar and Grill. After we ate, we went back to hang out and play some games. In the morning we had brunch by the creek at L'Auberge!

John, Alaina, and I are very grateful for such a super memory!

* Look at this picture I took *

Honestly! Can my man be any hotter!!!! :) Love you babe!

Check us all out! We had such a great time! From top to bottom: Ryan, Carrie and Emmy, Russell and Rosemarie, John and Kay, Jay and Lewie, Jaime and John, Terry, Rachel and Dennis, John and me, Kristin and Jacob, Greg, Barry, Alaina, John, Rob, and Paul!

John Rob & Barry Brooks hanging out before our dinner!

John and his mom ~ so blessed to have such a great mother!

Jay and Lewie - They are like family to us!

Deb and Dean could not make this trip, but made sure to let John know that they were there in spirit. There was a beautiful bouquet of flowers, sparkling cider, chocolate covered strawberries, and a sweet card for John!

Long time friends ~ John Rhodes, John Abram, and Paul Shell.

Love him!

We are so thankful that we have each other!

Our party filled up two big tables! The food and the service was great - but the friends and family really made it a night to remember!

Jacob and Kristin Gaston came to hang with us!

Who said no after party! After dinner we came back to our cottage and played a dice game!

When we got up in the morning, John and Alaina spent some quality time together. They looked so sweet that I wanted to secretly capture the moment... I guess I wasn't as sneaky as I thought as you can see in the next picture... When it was my time to chat Alaina took one too!

Alaina took our picture in the morning relaxing by the creek!

John and Kay - What a special time we had with them! They are always such fun!

Rosemarie and Russell - They love John so much! They were so happy to relax and spend some time enjoying fun times with John.

Ryan, Carrie, and Emmy enjoying some yummy food!

Sitting at the head of the table - The Man John Abram! And, yes, he is an avid Cardinal's fan! John ate so good on this trip! Greg told the Chef John's story and so he made John an omelet fit for a king!

John and Greg have been working together for years. Over that time their business relationship has turned into an amazing friendship! Greg and Linda mean so much to our family and are so thankful for them!

Oh yeah baby - this is the life!

John and Paul Shell - Back in the day they created lots of memories in Sedona, we are so glad that they were able to create even more!

Alaina - The apple of our eye!

Sunday was great hanging out by the creek and enjoying some serious story time! John was trying to come up with reasons to stay longer as he was having such a good time! Thanks to all that came out, we deeply appreciate you all! For those of you who could not make this trip, we are getting ready to plan another one!

*no I did not really take that picture!*

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Faithful Family and Friends...

I wanted to take this time to thank our family and friends that help us get to and from dialysis treatments! John goes three times a week for 4 hours! It use to be the two of us, but one of the biggest changes that John has had to deal with from this disease is his strength in his arms and legs has really depleted.

A couple of months ago I mentioned that he fell getting into the truck, thankfully he did not hurt himself too badly from that, but it made it obvious that I needed some help. We are very blessed to have such selfless people around us that take time out of their lives to help us each week. Every dialysis day one of the guys comes to help John to the truck, follow us to dialysis, help him from the truck to his chair, and then come back after the treatment and do the same thing again. Plus they load the wheelchair in the back of the truck for me :) Some days John is stronger and just leans on them a little bit, and other days a little more!

John's dad (John) is the first person in the week to come and help get back and forth. He stays the entire time and visits with his son. I usually run some errands, get a bite to eat or - back into an innocent car or two - yikes! This is John before treatment and he is feeling pretty good!

Chad takes John for the second dialysis treatment of the week. He is a great friend who happens to also be our pastor... Chad learned a valuable lesson this week, and that is to drive nice and slow to our house. Luckily he was given a warning :)

Russell has been amazing!!!!! He has been to our house so much that he could probably drive in his sleep (he may have a couple of times). John is always happy when it is Russell's turn because it is the last treatment for the week!!

Matt Segal from our small group comes through for us when the "regulars" aren't able to make it! He is also going to do a few things around the house to make it easier for John - and fix our doorbell :) Matt's wife (Tabby) found out she had cancer shortly after John was diagnosed with his. Thankful she is doing great! We are so happy for her! - and I got to see her today at church that made me smile :)

So far today is a great day! We were able to make it to church and worship God together!!! It is crazy I always liked going to church with John, but after this journey that we have been through, being able to sing with our church and praise God's name, next to the man I love is absolutely indescribable!!!

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Nana's 70th B-day :)

We had a little get together for my mom's birthday! John and I wanted to do a little something for her to show our appreciation for all that she does for us. We invited some of her friends that she has known for around 50 years. When I was thinking about how long they all knew each other it made me think about how long they all had been married. If you average that the 6 couples have been married for 45 years that makes 270 years experience in marriage. So move over Dr. Phil just get these couples together and they can tell you how to make it work! It was so nice to have all of them over most of them have known me my entire life and feel like family. The only bad part about that night was that John was feeling pretty bad and had to spend the evening in bed. He hasn't had a bad night like that in several days now though :)

We love you Nana!!!

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